Overwatch Chinese Rip-Off Game “Legend Of Titans” Videos Removed By Activision

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Overwatch Chinese Rip-Off

Recently, a video comparing Overwatch with its Chinese clone, Legend of Titans, was taken down by Activision Publishing Inc. It?s long been known that popular online multiplayer games often have unlicensed clones that clearly hits copyright issues, but still often go unpunished. Is this a step from Blizzard Entertainment to protect their new IP from the Overwatch Chinese rip-off?

Previously, WikiChannel put up the ?Overwatch vs Legend of Titans? video which featured a quick comparison of the characters of both games. The video has since been taken down after a day, but you can still check it out on Facebook and V.Huya. You can also do the comparison manually with the Overwatch gameplay trailer.

Some characters had slight design changes such as Reinhardt and Tracer. Legend of Titans also has slightly lower quality versions of Widowmaker and Bastion. Meanwhile, the game characters have exactly the same skill sets and moves from the Overwatch cast they copied, but the rip-off currently lacks an assortment of Defense and Support heroes. League of Titans? abundance of offense heroes and lack of supportive ones as well as healers makes the game focus more on offensive play styles.

Before this Overwatch Chinese rip-off, many games have also been copied by Chinese developers. Valve?s Team Fortress 2, Elsword from KOG Games, and League of Legends from Riot Games have received such treatment too. According to Kotaku, Final Combat from Xunlei features characters that are heavily reminiscent of the Team Fortress 2 cast. Meanwhile, Fists of Fu features similar gameplay, interface, and systems sound to Elsword, as seen on MMOHuts video. Lastly, 300 Heroes used the old Summoner Rift map and filled it up with known anime and 3D animated movie characters as playable cast, as seen on CrusaderCast?s video.

Overwatch has always been popular and even hit a strong point during its public opening of open beta for a week. Blizzard recorded a total of 9.7 million players from the game?s three platforms for the game?s beta, which easily beat Battleborn and The Division?s beta player count. It?s highly likely that the League of Titans developers wanted to bank on Overwatch?s popularity, which is why they made their own game patterned after the title.

According to Geek, the company name of the makers of the Overwatch Chinese ripoff is Xian Vulcan Network Technology, but not much is known about it, except that it was established back in 2014. Interestingly, Xian Vulcan Network Technology named their game similar to Blizzard?s cancelled Project Titan, which was the basis for some of the Overwatch characters and elements such as Tracer. So far, Activision Blizzard has ?yet to make a massive step besides taking down the Overwatch Chinese ripoff videos from YouTube.

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