Overwatch Cheats: Blizzard Overlooks Hackers In Korea

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Overwatch Cheats

Recently, a South Korean player took to Reddit and shared how easy South Korean players can use Overwatch cheats and exploit the country?s free access to Blizzard games in PC bangs (gaming cafes). As the player pointed out, cheaters can easily come and go using these computer rental businesses and lose nothing due to the free access to the game. Despite Blizzard?s vigorous efforts in culling cheaters off the game, is Blizzard actually overlooking hackers based in Korea?

On Reddit thread, DRBALANCED_ said that Blizzard?s free access to Overwatch provides players an avenue to cheat without too many repercussions. Normally, players get banned from the game if they?re caught cheating and are stripped of their investment since it is a paid game. However, Korean players may be able to use Overwatch cheats easily and just lose their account if they are caught cheating in a PC bang in Korea. Additionally, the potential Korean cheaters? IP may not be easily blocked as Blizzard would have to actually take down the full PC bang when they ban one cheater.

Previously, Blizzard Entertainment dealt a swift and decisive blow to caught cheaters through a banwave. Despite the players? pleas for Blizzard to return their account or their attempt to attack Blizzard as discussed on jonnytothedee?s thread on the Overwatch Reddit, the game devs won?t retract their decision and give the cheaters back their accounts. The sense of loss for the hackers might be due to the money they spent on buying the game, but Blizzard already gave out a stern warning about a permanent ban before the game?s release. However, this might not be applicable to Korean players as they can opt to just keep churning accounts for cheating.

Despite DRBALANCED_?s post on Reddit, Korean players are required to input their Korean Social Security Number(KSSN) to make an account on This system effectively limits one account per Korean player in any Blizzard game. Unless the cheater is using IP address proxies to register dummy accounts, Korean players are limited to losing their one shot at playing Blizzard games. To be fair with Blizzard Entertainment, the thread didn?t provide any actual evidence of cheating and talked about the issue in a theoretical context.

Currently, Overwatch has completely overtaken League of Legends as the most played game in South Korea, according to Gametrics. Blizzard Entertainment should be extra careful in addressing this issue should they ever find cases of Overwatch cheats in that area. Despite South Korea being known as a strong country for online games and eSports, Blizzard should opt to punish the other potential Overwatch cheaters similar to the previous banwave.

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