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Overwatch Beta First Impressions: Did New Game Impress Or Failed Expectations?

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A few select players were given an opportunity to try out Overwatch, so what were their reactions?

Overwatch is the upcoming shooter game from Blizzard, after making a premiere with a lengthy cinematic trailer, many people got hyped into the game as it was believed to be a part of a PvP feature from the now scrapped Project Titan game. And just like with any Blizzard games, Overwatch had a very long development time and was promised to launch a beta test for testers to experience. Now the first phase of the test has launched and a select number of players and media were invited to try out the game. Do take note that Overwatch is still on its beta phase, meaning that there will be a lot of bugs and issues in the game and some characters might not be balanced well and there will be changes in future updates, so the impressions from the media are more just first impressions for the beta

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There?s always a lot going on in Overwatch, and it really is a game that falls apart if your team isn?t at least trying to work together. But it?s also a game that revels in making sure players are having fun above all else, and it?s unobtrusive ways of making new and learning fans feel as though they?re making a positive impact on the game is probably its biggest strength. It?s rare to feel disheartened after a round of Overwatch, which just compels you to play another. And for an online game that needs a strong community, that?s all you really want to do.


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While the Team Fortress comparison is now beyond trite, it turns out it is still the easiest way to describe the game. Overwatch isn?t TF2, but you?ll be constantly reminded of it while playing. There?s the art style and team combat surface level stuff, obviously, but each hero also feels like they were designed by someone who half-remembered a dream they had once about Valve?s game. You can see the throughline from that game to what Blizzard have done.


We will be posting more updates on Overwatch once they announced more info on their beta.

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