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Overwatch Australia Servers: Disconnection And Latency Issues Actually Happening Worldwide On PS4 And Xbox One?

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Overwatch Australia

Overwatch Australia players are discussing their high pings on community sites as they?re continuously being connected to the American servers. Meanwhile, players from other countries also noted that they?re also experiencing connection issues because they?re being rerouted to the American servers. Here?s what we know so far about this issue.

Australian Uproar

According to KingHumz? thread on the Overwatch Reddit, Overwatch Australia players are being connected to the American servers. This causes connection issues like disconnection and high latency which make game less enjoyable not only for the Australians but other players who get queued too. Reddit user shaunoke notes that the Southeast Asian players also notice the same connection issues.

Official Forum Inquiry

Meanwhile, SeeJee?s thread on the official Overwatch forums note that Australians are being paired with US players instead of fellow Australians. These connection problems is an urgent issue that Blizzard Entertainment should fix. Currently, Overwatch is in the middle of its ?Winter Wonderland? event, and it?ll be disappointing to some fans if they cannot enjoy it due to the said problems.

Blizzard Updates So Far

According to the BlizzardCS Twitter account, the Overwatch console players are also experiencing some connection issues. The console servers are separate from the PC players, so this doesn?t make the community problem worse. However, Blizzard Entertainment has to fix both PC and console servers if this is the case.

Additionally, the Overwatch Twitter account also confirmed some issues in the title?s Competitive Play games. Apparently, the Competitive Play matches seem to stall between rounds which could force players to quit and forcibly lose Skill Rating in the process.

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Issue Laden Servers

Due to these issues, it seems that the Overwatch Australia servers are one of Blizzard Entertainment?s problems. We?ll have to wait until Blizzard fixes these issues and let gamers resume playing. Both lootbox hunters and Competitive Play climbers ?are affected due to the issues that are currently in the game. At best, players can opt to avoid Quick Play and Competitive Play until Blizzard fixes the issues. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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