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Overwatch April Fools: Will Blizzard Hold An Event?

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Blizzard has its own way of keeping Overwatch players hooked on the game and that is through seasonal events. We’ve had quite a few ones already including one for Halloween, Christmas and the Lunar New Year. With April drawing near, will Blizzard hold a special Overwatch April Fools event in the critically acclaimed shooter?

Blizzard isn’t too picky when it comes to celebrating seasonal events. Sometimes, the developer chooses to celebrate real world events that many won’t expect to be celebrated in-game. Case in point, the Summer Games and the Lunar New Year event. Fans were taken by surprise when Blizzard opted to celebrate the Lunar New Year over Valentine’s Day.

If Blizzard does introduce an Overwatch April Fools event, then players can expect a fun time. It’s even likely that Blizzard themselves would be playing pranks on us here and there. It’s hard to think of how Blizzard would introduce such an event. However, since pranks will be imminent, players can expect surprises from their loot boxes.

Aside from pranks and a slew of jokes, players should also expect new skins, an exclusive game mode and a ton of other in-game content if the Overwatch April Fools event does materialize. We can already think of a few fun skins like one for Reinhardt where his hammer is replaced with a toy hammer and one where Zenyatta’s orbs are replaced with an array of balls.

When it comes to the hero who’d best represent the event, our eyes are on Junkrat. Although Junkrat has already been the highlight of the Halloween event, we can’t think of another Overwatch hero that would best fit April Fools than the game’s local bomb aficionado.

We’ve yet to hear from Blizzard with regards to an April Fools event. The celebration of the special day could even go under our noses unnoticed. Players should be on the lookout for possible pranks and intentional errors in the game. Since April 1 is all about pranking, we can expect Blizzard to partake in the day in their own ways.

With the date drawing near, there’s a chance that the files for the possible April Fools event is already in the game. We should wait for leaks and data miners as they unearth how Blizzard will toy with us this April 1.

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