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Overwatch April 12 Event Details: What The Unreadable QR Code Could Mean

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A big Overwatch announcement is coming next week. The official Blizzard Twitter account for Australia and New Zealand put out a tweet teasing something for April 12.

It doesn’t give much away, save from the key points like “King’s Row Uprising” and “Entered into record 7 years ago.” Beyond that, there’s nothing but a never-before-seen skin for Tracer and an unreadable QR code. Reddit user scu-gaming tried cracking the code which according to many, doesn’t work. Apparently, it means “Robot.” But what does this exactly mean for the new content?

Omnic-Themed Overwatch Event

While players continue to mine for clues, so far, the plausible theory predicts the April 11 event would reveal a new Overwatch event. Given that King’s Row is the name of a map in-game set in London, it could suggest that the reveal will be related to Tracer in some form or fashion. The teaser does feature the Brit behind the main interface, after all.

Omnics (robots with artificial intelligence) could play a significant role in this new content. We can recall that King’s Row has also been the center of multiple riots as a result of the ongoing human-Omnic conflict in the wake of Mondatta’s death. This suggests that the “Uprising” hinted at in the teaser will involve an Omnic rebellion after his assassination.

Perhaps the sign reading “Mandatory Robot Registration” refers to King’s Row government forcing Omnics to register themselves, a catalyst that triggers the uprising.

What Could The April 11 Reveal Be?

Other possibilities include another new hero announcement. However, it doesn’t seem like Blizzard is announcing one soon, considering the game’s newest roster addition, Orisa, was just released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC two weeks ago. The game maker also waited for several months after Sombra’s release before rolling out the new playable hero.

A few players think it could be a new time-limited event. Year of the Rooster is the only occasion so far in which Overwatch players have had access to this year. That event offered new skins, too. Since Blizzard decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the game, we could be looking at something Easter or spring-themed.

But again, nothing is certain just yet. We will have to wait to see what the deal really is. Be sure to mark April 12 on your calendars, though (April 11 in North America). Who knows? This could be a big update.

What do you think will the announcement be about? Let us know in the comments section below.

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