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Overwatch April 11 Predictions: 25th Hero Reveal, Daily Rewards, And More

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Overwatch's King's Row Map
King’s Row In Overwatch [Image Captured From Overwatch Gameplay Video]

It seems like big things are headed for Blizzard’s hit shooter next week as the developer is definitely cooking up something for the game. Players are on edge as to what will happen on April 11 and they’re all pretty much clueless as well. Still, there are already a few speculations as to what Blizzard will bring to Overwatch next week.

The recent tease by Blizzard took the community by storm and players are scrambling to find out what will happen on Overwatch this April 11. The tweet itself is a video with the words “King’s Row uprising entering into record seven years ago. Security clearance required: confidential.” All that we know for now is that it’ll have something to do with King’s Row and that’s pretty much it. Here’s what could happen on April 11 in Overwatch.

New Event

From the look of things, it’s very likely that there’s an upcoming event in Overwatch this April 11. If there is one, then it would be a big surprise to players as past events were always in line with a seasonal event. We still shouldn’t dismiss the idea that Blizzard could be holding non-seasonal events of their own to fill the gap between seasonal events.

Character Tease

After the release of Orisa last month, it’s very unlikely for Blizzard to release another character this early on. However, nothing is stopping Blizzard from teasing the next possible hero this early. Doomfist is the next rumored character for the game, but it seems like the April 11 announcement will have something to do with King’s Row and not Numbani; an area related to Doomfist.

In an interview with IBTimes, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan reveals that the 25th hero is already deep in development. This means the new hero could be revealed pretty soon.

New Feature?

Another possible announcement is that Blizzard is going to introduce a new feature to the game. We’re speculating that Blizzard could add missions that change on either a weekly or daily basis. Many games have daily and weekly missions to do, but Overwatch doesn’t have one yet. It’s high time that Blizzard introduces the feature so that players have a lot more reason to log in and play. If this does happen, then it looks like the missions will be rotating along with maps; the first of which could be King’s Row.

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