Overwatch: Anti-Turret Guide Against Torbjorn and Bastion

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Since Overwatch?s release, players have already realized the strength of the two Turret-based Defense characters: Torbjorn and Bastion. If recklessly dealt with, these turret characters will passively defend their way to victory as their damage output is extremely reliable once they?ve set their turrets up. Here?s how to deal with them easily.

Offense and Defense: Use corners effectively

While turtling behind cover and hugging corners is a common strategy against turrets, it?s actually better to risk it a little bit and sneak a shot against them. To do this, find a corner or a doorway which lets you see them, and then shoot them. Do not just pop through the doorway and go in with your guns blazing toward the turret; turrets are rarely alone, and even a single distraction will you get killed by Torbjorn?s turret or a Turret form Bastion.

Pick a character with an accurate shot such as Soldier 76, McCree or Genji and do a circling walking motion with your character while affixing your gaze to the turret. Make sure that the character rotates to both the cover and the clear shot and shoot when the turret lines up with your crosshairs. This way, you?ll be able to stay safe within cover without triggering the full aggro of the turret to shred you down. Remember to prioritize running away once anybody on the enemy team notices you trying this trick, as it forces you to move erratically against turrets but is still predictable to nimble shooters such as Widowmaker and Hanzo.

This works easily against Torbjorn?s turret and Bastion players who consistently sit on their turret forms even when taking heavy damage. Once the turret starts taking damage, passive Torbjorns will rush in to protect their turret, temporarily removing them from the teamfight. Alternatively, Bastions could go out of Turret mode to avoid your shots and temporarily alleviate your team of pressure until he sets up the Turret Mode again.

Tank: Zarya is the best, but any tank will do

While it?s technically smart for tanks to rush in and take the aggro of the turret, it?s often supported by the enemy team?s whole firepower that not even a Roadhog using his ?Take A Breather? skill would survive alone. If the Torbjorn?s turret or Bastion is situated on a high place, use Winston or D.Va to approach the turret character.

Remember that it is never an easy fight as these tank characters may often lose the damage trade against the turrets. Approach the turret with caution and ask a teammate to play Genji, Pharah, or Reaper to help you flank and destroy the turret effectively.

However, pick Zarya if you already got the feel of and predicted your enemy turret?s effective range. While her shielding mechanics are often difficult due to its short duration, just go to the turret?s range and use the Particle Barrier. It?ll quickly grant you 50 stacks, as either turret has high enough damage to give you enough Energy and also protect you from supporting fire from its teammates. Taking damage while Zarya’s shields are up will block damage and convert the blocked damage into her Energy stacks that powers up her gun’s damage.

Ask your team to focus on the turret or dispatch it yourself quickly while you?re still enjoying your brief barrier, as you won?t survive the next set of hits even with any heal. Opt to use the alternate fire when dealing with a far turret and Zarya?s primary fire if the Turret is close or used to guard a corner choke point.

Support: Leave it to your team or switch characters to take the turret down

If possible, don?t use a Support character to hunt down a Turret in Overwatch. While it?s possible, their low damage per second may just be nullified once the Torbjorn repairs it while under your Support pressure.

Meanwhile, facing Bastion with a Support is almost impossible without extreme outplay maneuvers. Rather than take the challenge, it?ll be better to help your teammates take it down, as a dead character is often a victory in favor of the turret character?s team.

Once the turret has been dealt with, assign at least one teammate to constantly pressure the enemy?s turret character from erecting a turret or setting up another Turret Form. When they?re unprotected and heavily focused on, trying to set up a level 1 Turret is impossible and fatal even with a Torbjorn using his Molten Core. Bastion?s Turret Form startup transformation leaves him vulnerable as it prevents him to shoot.

At higher levels in Overwatch, turret characters tend to defend narrow choke points instead of wide areas to minimize risks and still keep themselves relevant in the match. Have fun hunting out the Turrets and remember to not rush your deaths against them.

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