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Overwatch: What To Expect On The Game’s Anniversary

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Overwatch Update 2.08
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It’s hard to believe that Blizzard’s shooter is almost a year old and many of us have probably spent countless hours into the hit team-based shooter. In lieu of its success, we can expect Blizzard to commemorate that game’s first year anniversary with something special. We don’t know exactly what Blizzard has in store for Overwatch this May 24 but we already have a few guesses on what to expect.

New Content

Just recently, a few players have notice that the YouTube channel of Overwatch was updated with new videos. The videos are currently unlisted or private so we can’t see what exactly they are. However, it’s visible which playlists got updated. These include Developer Update, Game News, Cinematic Short, Maps, and Events.

When it comes to the Cinematic Short, players are expecting that it will be something about Doomfist. Similar to Sombra, Doomfist might be accompanied by a Cinematic Short that details his backstory. It seems rather timely as well because Doomfist was a prominent character during Efie Oladel and Orisa’s backstory reveal.

There are a lot of times Blizzard’s shooter hinted at Doomfist. First, the Doomfist Gauntlet was seen in the Overwatch cinematic trailer. Then, there were posters of Doomfist at Numbani. Then, on the same map, the Payload is the actual Doomfist Gauntlet.

As for the maps and events playlist, there’s a chance that Blizzard might have added a reveal video of a map based in space. This seems likely after the discovery of a few soundbites which are for an outerspace setting. When talking about the event, players are speculating that the next event will take players to where Winston originated.

A major content Overwatch update sounds pretty likely to celebrate the game’s first year anniversary. We’re sure that players wouldn’t have it any other way and hopefully, Blizzard does add a slew of new things in the game. What players are eyeing as of the moment though is to finally see Doomfist.


If not for a major content update, then Blizzard could at least give players a few bonuses for players who log in in the week of the game’s anniversary. A free Loot Box sounds neat and a Double XP weekend sounds pretty likely as well.

Seeing as we’re only a few short weeks away from the anniversary of Overwatch, Blizzard might begin teasing what’s up ahead this May 24.

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