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Overwatch Anniversary Event: All Legendary Skins And Dance Party Emotes

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Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

The Overwatch anniversary event festivities has just started with tons of cosmetic giveaways through loot boxes. The event has more legendary skins and dance emotes than that was revealed on the teasers. Here’s what we know about the new Overwatch anniversary event cosmetics.

New Legendary Skins

As seen on the Overwatch anniversary event trailer, more than four new legendary skins are obtainable in this event. The event actually gives out legendary skins to half of the cast instead of just picking few characters to have new skins. Here’s the legendary skin list for this event

  • Bastion – Dune Buggy
  • Pharah – Bedouin
  • Soldier 76 – Cyborg:76
  • Zarya – Cyberian
  • D.Va – Cruiser
  • Genji – Sentai
  • Hanzo – Cyberninja
  • Lucio – Jazzy
  • Mei – Beekeeper
  • Symmetra – Oasis
  • Tracer – Graffiti

Everybody Can Dance

Each Overwatch hero has their own dance emote as of this Overwatch anniversary event. Most characters have a dance style that they reference to. However, Pharah’s Rocket Guitar and Reaper’s tapping feet dance seems to be just for novelty. These dance emotes cost 750 credits to buy if you want the dance emote right away.

3 Weeks of Celebration

The Overwatch Anniversary Event will last for three weeks and end on June 12. Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed over 100 cosmetics added for this event. There will be enough time to gather loot boxes for these new cosmetics.

The Anniversary event is also a good time to invite friends to play Overwatch for some XP. The May 26-29 Overwatch free play could allow you to bring friends to try out Overwatch. The online copies of Overwatch have also been discounted on the Blizzard client store if your friends want to continue playing. Blizzard Entertainment has also released an Overwatch Game of the Year Edition which gives similar freebies as the Origins Edition last year.  

Upcoming Major Events after Anniversary

The Overwatch team hasn’t spoken up about their major update plans as of late. No scheduled event or major release has been announced after the Overwatch anniversary event.

Rumors of upcoming Overwatch characters have circulated before the anniversary event started. Apparently, Doomfist will be released on the test servers during this event. The Overwatch team usually posts teasers, in-game universe news reports, and other promotional content before they show the new hero.

For now, enjoy the event as we wait for the Overwatch team and Blizzard Entertainment to talk about the next content after the anniversary. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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