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Overwatch Anniversary Event: New Cinematic Likely As More Clues Surface Online

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Overwatch Anniversary Event
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

The official Overwatch Youtube channels for Russia and France was just updated a few days ago. No new videos were found but the updates might be in preparation for the new Overwatch Anniversary Event animated shorts. The anniversary event’s release could be similar to the previous Overwatch Uprising event where it was leaked first on European servers.

Youtube Channel Activity

As seen on the Russian and French Overwatch channels, these channels were updated last Friday and Saturday. No visible changes can be found on these channels but it was enough to make the fans speculate. Potentially, Blizzard Entertainment might have trailers or animated shorts released on these channels first.

European Trailer Leaks

The previous Overwatch Uprising event’s European trailer was also leaked first to the public. Fans thought that “Insurrection” was the event’s true title up until the international trailer was released. The new Overwatch events could be prepared for European servers first before anywhere else.


As of now, the official Overwatch Facebook and Twitter pages aren’t talking about the Anniversary event yet. This event’s existence is mostly founded on leaks and the Overwatch Anniversary Event loot boxes found on Xbox One. Similar with other games, Blizzard Entertainment is expected to celebrate Overwatch’s anniversary this coming May 24.

The closest Overwatch-related release this month is D.Va’s inclusion as a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm in May 16. Potentially, her release may also be the same date for the start of the Overwatch anniversary event.

Free Lootboxes?

Previous festive events didn’t miss a chance to release free loot boxes for its events. Even if the Overwatch Anniversary event doesn’t happen, fans can expect Blizzard Entertainment to send loot boxes to all their players on May 24. The Overwatch team also announced skipped holidays or events as they did with Valentines’ Day and Easter this 2017.

Festive or Story Event

As of Overwatch’s first year events, the game has definitely covered two kinds of in-game events. First, Overwatch celebrated real world events and holidays like the Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, and Year of the Rooster Event. Meanwhile, Overwatch has also started to throw in some story-related events like the previous Overwatch Uprising event which covered Null Sector’s attack on King’s Row.

Potentially, the Overwatch Anniversary Event could just be a festive event instead of a story expansion since it is their anniversary. We’ve yet to know how Overwatch celebrates their anniversary since this is their first one.

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