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Overwatch Anniversary Event Start Date To Be Announced Beforehand, Possibly Starts Next Week

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Overwatch Anniversary Event
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Blizzard has recently confirmed that they will announce the start date of their in-game Overwatch anniversary event ahead of time before it rolls out on the live servers. Blizzard said this has been their setup in the past events. Based on leaked pieces of information, the Overwatch anniversary event will start next week along with the release of its Game of the Year edition.

Announcements First

As seen on the official Overwatch Twitter page, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed to the fans that they’ll announce the start date first. This has been the case since the Year of the Rooster event and the Overwatch Uprising event. If this is the case, fans will just have to wait for the official Overwatch social media to show any Overwatch anniversary event promotional content.

Losing Time

Blizzard’s announcement makes it likely that the Anniversary event won’t start this week, since they need enough time to prepare players first. This news will disappoint most fans considering that a May 16 start date for the event is optimal so players can have enough time to grind for the event-exclusive items. TrueAchievement’s datamine on the Xbox Store points to an anniversary loot box expiring on June 5, which means the event will last less than three weeks if it starts next week.

Potential Release Next Week

As of now, Overwatch anniversary event speculations also point out that the Overwatch anniversary event may start on May 23 due to the loot box leak. A Game of the Year edition was also spotted on the store, along with a May 23 release date. A May 23 anniversary event start date makes sense since the game officially launched on May 24 last year.


Currently, Blizzard has failed to reveal its Overwatch events first-hand. The previous Overwatch Uprising event had its trailer leaked first before the official Twitter announced its start date. The Halloween Terror event was also leaked after fans found a Halloween loot box page on the console Overwatch version.

One Week Break Event

Potentially, the developers might have planned to fill up the one-week break on the game’s ranked modes. The Overwatch Season 4 of Competitive Play is scheduled to end this month and resume on June 1. However, the promised Season 4 end date to be found inside the Overwatch game is still nowhere to be found. It might be best to just wait patiently for the Overwatch events to roll in later this month.

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