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Overwatch Anniversary Event: Datamined Files On Test Servers Hint 3 New Maps, Legendary Skins, And More

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Overwatch Anniversary Event
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

A uniform set of files about a new map and event have recently been found on the test servers. Dataminers and fans speculate that the Overwatch team might be planning an upcoming event soon. Potentially, we may have something to look forward to on May 24, which was Overwatch’s release date last year.

Datamined Files

Hints about an “EVENT 6”, new “#items” for the playable cast. Three new versions of maps were also found in the test server files. FailCraft’s thread on the Overwatch subreddit further explains that these findings neither confirm nor debunk the leaks, but it makes an Overwatch anniversary event highly likely.

Could Be An Anniversary Event

We’re still not sure if there’s really going to be an event despite all of these files in the latest Overwatch test server build. Blizzard Entertainment and the Overwatch team has yet to announce any plans for an anniversary event. However, fans seem to be hopeful for an anniversary event as seen on Clearskky’s thread.

New Character Cosmetics and Voice Packs

Reaper, Tracer, Sombra, and Orisa are included in the list of characters with new “#items” list in FailCraft’s thread. Their inclusion in the list may possibly mean that they’re receiving new cosmetics like legendary skins for the event.

Meanwhile, DeadGirlGaming’s thread lists some unused character voice lines from Zarya, Hanzo, Junkrat,  McCree, Genji, Sombra, and Reaper. These files apparently hint about a new game mode for the speculated Overwatch anniversary event. Alternatively, these objective-focused unused lines could also be for the previous Overwatch Uprising PvE game mode.

Three New Maps?

Three new maps were also confirmed in the datamined Overwatch files. Reddit User iku_19 confirms that these could just be a backend trick to make maps load faster than usual. Usually, most maps have a two copies to make it load faster. However, the new event maps are three and tagged with mentions of “Volskaya” all over it. However, trying the new maps on Blender seemed to generate a similar map layout to King’s Row rather than Volskaya Industries.

Previous Leaks

A certain “QAAustinAutist” has previously claimed to be a Blizzard Austin employee and “leaked” some of the game’s upcoming plans this 2017. Apparently, three new heroes are scheduled for release this 2017 and have mentioned the Overwatch anniversary event in his leaks. However, this person seems to be different from the one who leaked Orisa before her release, which leaves most players doubtful on his claims. For now, we can only wait until May 24 to see if we’re really having an anniversary event this year.

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