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Overwatch Anniversary Event: Funky Dance Emotes And Voice Lines Teased By Blizzard

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Overwatch Anniversary Event
Source: Overwatch Anniversary | YEAR ONE | Thank You, Heroes! video

Blizzard Entertainment revealed that the Overwatch anniversary event will start this coming May 23. New voice lines and dance emotes were teased in its follow up announcement on its official Twitter. More cosmetics and other content might be found in the game itself once the event starts.

New Voice Lines and Dance Emotes

Blizzard teased some new voice lines from Winston, Soldier 76, Symmetra, Reinhardt, McCree, Roadhog, and Lucio. These new lines could be the Overwatch anniversary event exclusive voice lines for these characters. The lines doesn’t sound too serious in tone which means this upcoming celebration might be more lighthearted than the previous event, Uprising.

Meanwhile, the Overwatch Latin America Twitter showed new dance emotes that could be included in the anniversary patch. These dances seem to have a long animation which could make it cheeky and unsafe to use in fights. Potentially, these dance emotes might possibly loop to itself similar to how sit emotes last indefinitely unless interrupted.

Overwatch Anniversary Loot boxes

Since the event has already been confirmed, the leaks about its event loot boxes should also be true. The leaked loot box design was colored black, which somehow matches the black and gold colors on the Overwatch anniversary event’s logo. Since it’s the start of a new event, Blizzard Entertainment might give away free event loot boxes like in previous Overwatch events. Players have three weeks to farm for anniversary loot boxes. 

Twitter Reveal

As seen on the official Overwatch Twitter, the Overwatch anniversary event’s start date starts on May 23. The start date is a few days early from the end of Season 4 Competitive Play, which is on May 29. We’ll have to wait for more information in the coming days to know the full content of this event. Usually, Overwatch events have more cosmetics to offer like legendary skins and highlight intros than emotes and voice lines.

Short Event?

The Overwatch anniversary event’s end date is on June 12. The event runs up until the second week of June which is already near the E3 event. Blizzard Entertainment sometimes skips these shows but Activision has already confirmed their presence in the event. Destiny 2 use Battle.net for its PC version and Activision may have to bring in Blizzard Entertainment on the show. Blizzard Entertainment might take that chance to talk something about their games, like Overwatch, in that case.

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