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Overwatch Anniversary Event: More Hints Point To May 23 Start

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Overwatch Season 4 End Date
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

The entire Overwatch community is still eagerly anticipating if Blizzard is indeed readying an event to celebrate the anniversary of the game. While an anniversary event is seemingly confirmed already, the lack of details have been getting fans anxious. Thankfully, new information have surfaced online that point to the event starting next week. 

Redditor vandaljax shares an image he captured from a US big box trailer that reveals that there are “new content” headed to Overwatch. The ad space Blizzard paid for is for a 1-year anniversary product, which is most likely the game’s Game of the Year edition. The image doesn’t say anything else but this is enough to get players riled up about an Overwatch anniversary event starting soon.

A Game of the Year edition was datamined earlier this week. This edition reportedly includes the full game, 10 loot boxes, and all the content included in the Overwatch Origins edition. Many are also speculating that Blizzard is going to add in an anniversary event along with the release of the Game of the Year edition to draw in more players.

Another new clue is related to the new Nexus Challenge over at Heroes of the Storm. Redditor Cellsai shares his theory that the Overwatch anniversary event won’t start until the Nexus Challenge for Heroes of the Storm ends on May 22. This event grants Overwatch players with 10 loot boxes if they play Heroes of the Storm with a friend.

The Redditor notes that the Nexus Challenge was done to draw in Overwatch players to try out Heroes of the Storm. If Blizzard starts the anniversary event and the Nexus Challenge at the same time, then players are more likely to stay playing Overwatch instead.

It seems like details about the event are coming left and right. Redditor VacuumSauce also shared a really interesting speculation.

“The Anniversary event might be today! /u/Auronsblade noticed that NYC has a meeting/event room with a overwatch poster added today. A day ago a popular youtuber Mr.Muselk posted that he is flying somewhere). Blizzard have flown Mr.Muselk to a previous event (gamescom) where he played eichenwalde for 3 days,” says the Redditor. All the Redditor’s posts are based on assumptions so players should take the information with a grain of salt.

With Overwatch celebrating its anniversary on May 24 and Blizzard tweeting that they’ll announce their in-game anniversary event beforehand, we only need to be very patient for now. For more gaming news, keep it right here on The BitBag. 

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