Overwatch Animated Short, Overwatch: The Last Bastion: Watch it Here and Try Not to Cry

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Overwatch Animated Short

Blizzard?s most recent game, Overwatch, has captured the hearts of gamers across the globe even before its release on May 24, 2016. Its unique gameplay somehow combines the style of moba games, like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, with first person shooters, like Call of Duty, Counter Strike and Battlefield which makes Overwatch really fun to play. But what probably caught the attention of most gamers is its lore. Here is a review of the latest Overwatch animated short, ?Overwatch: The Last Bastion.

Overwatch?s lore starts out in a futuristic Earth, during an Omnic Crisis. Omnics (robots) were infected with a virus that caused them to group and attack humans. Overwatch was formed for the sole purpose of helping people and to end the war. Years passed since the war and Overwatch has long been disbanded. The game and it?s animated shorts starts here.

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The recently released, ?The Last Bastion,? tells a story of how a bird named, Ganymede, accidentally activates a Bastion Unit while building a nest on its shoulder. The Bastion Unit, whose programming suddenly starts up, begins walking towards a certain direction. As the Bastion explores, the viewers were then greeted with a beautiful scenery. Like a curious child, the Bastion is seen looking at caterpillars up close, poking the river where tadpoles live, and ?playing with butterflies. As it nears its destination, the Bastion and Ganymede grow closer.

Overwatch Animated Short

But then the Bastion suddenly panics as it hears a woodpecker on a tree, confusing the sound for gun shots. Due to this, the Bastion transforms into its destructive turret mode and blasts away a part of the forest. This scares Ganymede away. As soon as the Bastion realizes this, it continues to walk towards its destination with its head down.

Out of the forest, the Bastion bumps into?other fallen Bastion units and starts tapping into the memories of the one nearest to him. We then see the Omnic War in Germany, where Omnics fought some of Reinhardt?s comrades. A switch inside the Bastion flips and directs its destructive mode towards the city. As soon as the Bastion starts walking again, Ganymede returns with a branch to put on its nest. Bastion stares at the bird for a moment, as if trying to override its pain and anger. Thankfully, the Bastion was able to revert back and?then places the branch on his shoulder for Ganymede. The two play around and return to the forest.

This touching story shows how trauma can affect even the Omnics in the Overwatch universe as well as show us how two different beings can come together and be friends.

This animated short was the first to show one of the big battles during the Omnic War?as well as show the location of the next Overwatch map, Eichenwalde, to be released in September.

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