Overwatch Ana: New Hero Is Breaking The Game

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Overwatch Ana

Currently, Overwatch?s new hero Ana is available on the game?s test server, Public Test Realm, on the PC. Players are already finding ways and new tactics to use her skill kit effectively and even exploit it for competitive and humorous applications. Here?s what we know so far on how Overwatch Ana is faring in the game?s test servers.

Currently, Ana?s ultimate, Nano Boost, is an overall buff for a single allied hero. This ability is the largest window for her to break the game?s balance. While it looks less flashy and underwhelming like Symmetra?s ultimate, it allows buffed allies to go on a rampage in tight areas and control points. It easily fixes some of a Tank?s disadvantages in dealing constant damage, such as Reinhardt?s slow movement and attack speed.

Alternatively, this further buffs up an Offense character?s overall damage per second such as Soldier 76, as Nano Boost also affects his fire rate and reload speed. It also allows Reaper to move absurdly fast when using his Death Blossom. When paired with Lucio?s amplified Speed Boost, it makes the Nano Boosted ally cover farther distances in seconds. This sped-up ultimate can actually be broken as Reaper was intended to be slow moving during the ultimate to balance out the heavy area damage he?s dealing.

Despite its specifically particular use, Nano Boost can extremely help her allies to become the ?broken? characters instead of herself. Here?s a footage from CrossNameMedia of the Nano Boost speed buffs in action.

Despite being a Support class, Ana is consistently picked in the Public Test Realm, and they don?t even care if the team build goes unbalanced. Fortunately, the opposing team is somehow filled with Ana picks as well, so matches tend to be sniping duels between Anas. Some players pick out durable tanks such as Reinhardt and D.Va to provide cover with their own Anas and soak their low damage shots with their shields.

Ana is often a good source of complementary damage due to her reliable hip-fire and scoped accuracy, but she is easily outdone in damage by other heroes. Additionally, her ?Biotic Rifle? passive allows her to hit enemies for a damage per second debuff that can kill and heal allies. This allows Ana to quickly switch from supplementary fire to keep attackers off the Tank while healing her teammates if needed. However, Ana?s passive is balanced with her inability to access unique high-sniping points in the map. There?s also a chance of her shots being blocked by allies even when they?re intended to damage an enemy.

Most Supports struggle in surviving alone when forced in a 1v1 situation with a flanking enemy Offense character, but Overwatch Ana has her tools to survive those duels. When faced in a 1v1 duel, Ana can gain the upperhand by timing her Biotic Grenade and hitting her Sleep Dart right. Her Biotic Grenade is a versatile tool in healing allies on the go. She can also refuse to heal enemy targets if it connects.

In a tightly packed teamfight, a Biotic Grenade can tip the scales as it?ll heal your own Tanks and prevent them from healing the damage they?ve taken. If there are no allies around, Ana can deal heavy damage or finish off the sleeping target with an easily placed headshot-Biotic Grenade-Melee attack combo.

The Sleep debuff lasts for five seconds, and afflicted targets can?t do anything until it expires or until they receive a hit from their enemies. Adding to the strength of Ana?s Sleep Dart, the sidearm shot is as accurate as her rifle shot, which makes it a strong tool even at far distances. It can also be used to interrupt some channeling ultimates or waste their ultimate?s duration while they?re asleep. If the dart connects, you can make Roadhog?s Whole Hog and Reaper?s Death Blossom ultimate come to a full halt or waste precious time off Bastion?s Configuration: Tank and Winston?s Primal Rage, as long as your allies agree to let them take the full duration.

Currently, Overwatch Ana may be broken due to her impeccable accuracy and self-sustain, but she could easily be dispatched if pressured enough, like two flankers working together. Her overall sniper gameplay is comfortable even for new players due to her supportive healing role and good accuracy if the player relies on hip firing. We?ll have to wait until she goes live on official servers before she can be truly branded as a ?broken? character.

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