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Overwatch 2017 Update: Director Reveals New Maps, Modes & Characters

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Overwatch 2017
Overwatch 2017

Overwatch became Blizzard?s pride and joy this 2016. The fast-paced tactical team-based first person shooter game became an overnight success and had immediately become an industry game changer.

With so much success gained by Overwatch this 2016, many are wondering just what is in store for fans this coming 2017. Lucky for us Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch game had revealed many new additions such as Maps, Modes, and Characters already set for 2017.

A Happy New Year

Kaplan?s video went up on the official Ovewatch Youtube channel. He started off by thanking the player base for all the feedback they?ve received this 2016 and assured everyone that they?ve been taking proactive steps in improving the game. He then went on to share the great new additions to the game that are already in the works.

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New maps are already being worked on but Kaplan revealed one map that?s set to come out in 2017 named ?Oasis.? The map was already on beta on the PC version and it won?t be long before it is completed.

As for characters and game modes, he didn?t reveal any new ones specifically but only shared that they are in the works. On seasonal events, he pointed out that many are already lined up for 2017. But Kaplan also shared that the dev team are also working on a number of events that the community probably has no clue about.

There’s More

Kaplan also mentioned many new overall improvements coming to the game. Most of these improvements have all been made possible due to the various feedback from the community.

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Custom games are soon coming with the introduction of the ?server browser. New changes will be made to encourage players to interact on team chat. Spectator mode will also get revamped to improve better viewing.

Kaplan?s Developer Update video may not have any massive spoilers on what?s to come in 2017, but it certainly promises that it is already set to be another great year for Overwatch. If you want to listen Kaplan?s words yourself, then you can check the whole thing out over here!

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