Overwatch 2.00 Update: Big New Features Added Aside From Sombra

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Overwatch 2.00

Recently, the new Overwatch 2.00 update rolled out on the game?s live servers. Sombra, character patches, and Arcade Mode have been implemented in the game. Moreover, the Overwatch Competitive Play Season 3 is about to be released on November 30. Here?s what we know so far about the new Overwatch 2.00 update.

Sombra Release

After months of waiting and playing with Blizzard?s ARG, Sombra has finally been released in the game?s live servers. Sombra is equipped with a stealth camo, a hacking ability that blocks other players? abilities, and an EMP ultimate that disables all those affected from using their abilities. More than a frontline Offense character, Sombra thrives on focusing on the backline and disposing Supports or Snipers. Additionally, Sombra struggles dealing with multiple targets at the same time, so make sure to remind yourself when facing against her or playing as her.

Character Patches

According to the Overwatch 2.00 patch notes on the forums, some characters received good buffs and got nerfed. Characters who got buffed in the Overwatch 2.00 update is Torbjorn, D.Va, Widowmaker, and Mercy. Torbjorn?s Scrap System has been changed to passively generate Scrap, and his Hammer swing speed has been increased. While Torbjorn?s Hammer speed has been buffed, its damage to other players has been nerfed to encourage players to use it mostly on Turrets. Meanwhile, D.Va received a health boost. Widowmaker and Soldier 76 were also improved to be more viable in matches. Other characters like Zarya, Mei and Lucio got their abilities nerfed in this patch.

Arcade Mode

If you?re not up for Quick or Competitive Play, you can play the Arcade Mode implemented in the Overwatch 2.00 update. More than just Brawls, the Arcade mode also houses the game?s smaller map like Ecopoint: Antarctica for some of its games. Players who win three times in these games will be rewarded with a Loot Box and can be claimed up to three times per week.

Voice Line

As found by players on Reddit, Heroes wearing their Halloween skins now use their unique voice line in the latest patch. Mercy now says “my servants never die” while Junkrat says “get ready for a shock” when using their ultimate. Reaper says “Reaper comes for your souls” while Roadhog says “I’m Alive” upon respawning.

Competitive Play Season 3

The Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 is about to end on November 23, and the game will enter the promised weekly break between Seasons. The next Competitive Play Season 3 will start on November 30, ?and it will have slight adjustments to its ranking system. The patch notes say that your Season 3 placement will ?probably be lower? to distribute the players to even more skill tiers. Many players have landed on Gold and Platinum after their placements which could have proven that the Season 2 systems are more lenient than intended. Currently, Blizzard Entertainment could be encouraging Overwatch players to earn their spot in the game?s Competitive Play ladder.

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