Overcooked Nintendo Switch Release Date Reveal Teased

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Overcooked Nintendo Switch Release

The Nintendo Switch’s small library is set to expand soon as it looks like a new title is set to launch on the console. One of the most anticipated games headed to the Nintendo Switch is Ghost Town Games’ Overcooked. Fans are very excited for the title and the Overcooked Nintendo Switch release date announcement could come in the coming days.

The rumors regarding the release date of Ghost Town Games’ title have been spreading like wildfire across the Nintendo Switch community. Redditor awetblanketnamedpam shares what looks add more fuel to the fire about the rumors circulating the Overcooked Nintendo Switch release date.

The Redditor contacted the developers on their Facebook page regarding the Overwatch Nintendo Switch release date to which the developer responded: “if I were you I’d keep an eye on our twitter @Overcookedgame or our Facebook page – the next few days may be interesting for you.”

This tease makes it very likely for the release date of the game’s Nintendo Switch title to be revealed soon. So far, Overcooked: Special Edition has a vague 2017 release date. Players are speculating that the big news will come before the week ends. For now, players are eagerly waiting for the game to arrive on the Nintendo Switch soon.

Overcooked is a cooking simulation game best played with others. Players take the role of chefs in unconventional kitchen locations in the game which results to intense and competitive fun. Under a time limit, players will need to accomplish an array of tasks including preparing the ingredients, cooking and cleaning up. The game offers up both competitive and cooperative multiplayer.

Players are excited for the game to arrive on the Nintendo Switch so that they can make full use of the multiplayer capabilities of the console. The JoyCon will be usable in the game, giving players the ability to play using one screen only.

Aside from the convenience of local multiplayer on Nintendo Switch, Overooked: Special Edition is touted to be the “premium version” of the game. “You don’t have to buy the game and then buy a bunch of DLC. There’s a total 14 extra levels on top of the original 30, new mechanics, new recipes and even new equipment like the flamethrower! All of that comes just as a part of the game on Nintendo Switch,” Ghost Town Games told Nintendo UK.

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