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Outlast 2 Review Roundup: Same Formula, Better Scares For Red Barrels Studios’ Sequel

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Outlast 2 Review
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Those who are in love with the horror genre have a lot to be excited for as Red Barrels Studios recently released the follow up to 2013’s Outlast. Outlast 2 takes place in a completely different setting and while there’s a new story to uncover, the scares remain the same, if not better in the sequel. Here’s the Outlast 2 review roundup to get us more excited about the game.

The Good

Outlast 2 reviews are pouring left and right and reception to the 2013 survival horror are mostly positive. Red Barrels Studios brings the scares once again in the “no-weapon” horror game and the tension in each playthrough is higher than ever and those who’ve played the first game are in for a treat. It’s also a good game to have even if players haven’t played the original since it has a completely new story.

Gamespot gave a score of 8.3/10 in their Outlast 2 review, taking note of how the setting was greatly done. The game does set out what it promises to do which is to scare the pants off of us. Outlast 2’s setting, the Sonoran Desert, has wide open areas but it’s definitely darker than the asylum in the first game. The game doesn’t solely rely on jumpscares to do its deed as the tension that builds up before, during and after each encounter is enough to solidify Outlast 2’s spot in the list of scariest games to date.

PC Gamer gave an 85/100 score in their Outlast 2 review. Like most reviews for the game, PC Gamer praises how well the setting was made. “Outlast 2 takes you through dilapidating farms and flooded mines and old townships that all say something about the history of the people who lived there,” wrote PC Gamer.

The Bad

Outlast 2 is far from being a perfect horror game though. IGN notes that the Sonoran Desert in Outlast 2 is indeed amazing but at most times, navigating through the world feels inconsistent. It was odd for Blake Langermann to have been able to jump wide gaps only to be blocked by small boxes in other parts.

Another issue many have with the game is that escaping is a matter of trial and error. Exits aren’t always obvious and players are most likely to die over and over again just to get from one point to the next.

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