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Outlander Season 4: EP Talks Premiere Date, How Much Further The Show Will Go

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Outlander Season 3 has not yet premiered, but we know some of you likes to look into what’s ahead every bit as much as we do. Thankfully, showrunner Ronald D. Moore was generous enough to give us an update on the show’s future.

Before the Outlander San Diego Comic-Con panel, Moore sat down with Deadline and opened up about where this far-flung season based on Voyager — Diana Gabaldon’s third novel in her eight-book series — is going and where it could all end up.

As we all know, Outlander Season 3 returns on Starz in mid-September, a shift from the pilot season’s debut in August 2014 and the second one in April 2016. When asked as to how it affects the series, Moore said it didn’t really have an effect creatively. “We are trying to put the show on more of a yearly basis, so hopefully we can stick with a fall premiere date going forward.”

This suggests Outlander Season 4 and the potential subsequent seasons would stick to a fall premiere.

“It’s been difficult for us because it takes us a long time to shoot the show. It’s very complex logistically,” he added. “It’s a big period piece that travels and goes to different countries and continents and doesn’t really have standing sets, and it takes us a long time to produce it.” As with most shows today, they do not want to skimp on the production value of the show.

Future Seasons

When asked about how long Outlander will run, Moore said they could go as long as Gabaldon keeps writing a compelling story and the audience is willing to go along for the ride with them. “The books are still wildly successful. The storyline still engages people, and I could see this going on for a very long time,” he explained.

Right now, the team is doing what they can to make a fall 2018 premiere happen for Outlander season 4. Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts was busy in the writers’ room this week while many other cast and producers were at SDCC 2017. Locations have already been scouted for the next season of the show as well, and there have been people hired to work behind the scenes in some capacity.

From what we know, the fourth season will start filming this fall, likely not long after the promotional tour for the third season wraps.

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