Outlander Season 3 Start Date Sooner Than Expected? Jamie and Claire to Finally End Up Together Officially

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Outlander Season 3 may surprise fans with an earlier premiere next year.
Outlander Season 3 may surprise fans with an earlier premiere next year.

Though the next season of the Starz? hit show won?t arrive until next year, it looks like fans won?t have to wait long for Outlander Season 3. Reports say that the new season will premiere earlier than the usual schedule, and it may deviate from the common plots in the first two seasons.

Earlier Premiere Date?

The new season of Outlander usually premieres in Spring, but it?s likely that Season 3 will debut earlier than usual. Cinema Blend said that filming for the new season began right after Season 2, which means the show may air earlier than fans expect. Additionally, unlike the first season, it?s possible that Season 3 won?t be split into two parts just like Season 2, which is good news for fans.

Jamie and Claire?s Happy Ever After?

Outlander is very far from a fairy tale, but it looks like Outlander Season 3 may finally have a happy ending for Jamie and Claire. After the seemingly endless struggle of the lovers, they may finally and officially be reunited in the new season. In Season 2, Claire found out that Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden. In the new season, she will again travel back in time to finally be with Jamie.

Now that her 20th?century husband, Frank, is dead and Jamie?s archenemy Black Jack Randall seems to be out of the way, Claire and Jamie may finally have a shot at living peacefully as husband and wife in the 18th?century in Season 3 and finally look forward to their future.


The Adventure Goes to the Sea

As mentioned, Outlander is no fairy tale, so even if Jamie and Claire reunite in Season 3, fans can still expect the two characters to undergo numerous struggles. However, Season 3 will be different as it will take their adventures to the oceans. The new season will be based on Diana Gabaldon?s third book in the series titled “Voyager.” In fact, show creator Ron Moore previously expressed his excitement in ?getting out to sea? and doing the ?whole sea chase? for Season 3.

Outlander Season 3 will premiere in 2017. So far, the show has been renewed by Starz until Season 4.

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