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Outlander Season 3 Spoilers: Claire Going Back To Frank, Plus Season 4 Leaks

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For fans who don?t mind spoilers or those who just want in on (possible events) things before everybody else, it?s time for some Outlander Season 3 spoilers–plus some Season 4 leaks.

Outlander executive producer Maril Davis sat down with Zap2it to discuss the Season 2 finale called ?Dragonfly in Amber? but luckily for fans, Andrea Reiher of Zap2it managed to get some juicy details about Outlander Season 3 and Season 4.

Let?s first go back to what happened in the Outlander Season 2 Finale. Claire (Caitriona Balfe) was seen moving from grief to a great sense of hope when she realized that Jamie (Sam Heughan) was still alive. The last episode ended with Claire wanting to go back to the 18th century to find Jamie, to reunite with him after two decades (of course, two centuries) after they parted ways.

In Season 3, it looks like we will follow the post-Colluden events of Jamie?s life. Davis revealed that there will be some great, creative and dramatic moments that will happen in this arc. Also, we will see the struggle that Claire will have when she gets Frank, her ?present? husband played by Tobias Menzies, to raise a child that is not his own. We are talking here about Brianna (Sophie Skelton), Claire?s and Jamie?s child.

Davis revealed that Claire is going to go back to Frank and it will be interesting how she, him and Brianna will cope. She added that what happens in the 20 years of separation between her and Jamie are so important to show in order for viewers to have a grasp of its influence in Claire?s life.

There will also be some important castings going on for the show. Davis revealed that she is looking forward to cast young Ian, her favorite character next to Claire and Jaime. She also is very stressed about this casting as she has a definite picture of him in her mind but she does not know where to find him yet. An older Fergus will also be needed. She adds that casting because of age is really challenging. This though makes the story pretty interesting and draws great performances from actors.

Outlander Season 4 is likely to be set in the U.S. Davis added that shooting in Scotland gave her a feeling of authenticity and that she would love to come back to North Carolina for Season 4. She still is not sure though if they can as they have already built a great facility in Scotland and the whole ?Brexit? thing might complicate things.

Stay tuned for more Outlander updates.

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