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Outcast Season 1 Plot & Spoilers: More On Kyle?s Past To Be Revealed

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After the short break Outcast had due to the Fourth of July weekend, the TV series is coming back with a whole new episode this Friday and it will feature more of Kyle?s past, which will include his relationship with his wife, Allison.

It can be recalled that in the previous episode, Megan?s (Wrenn Schmidt) past was revealed due to Donnie?s (Mattie Liptak) re-entry to her life. However, in the upcoming installment, Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) will again be the focus of the story as well as the history between him and his wife Allison Baker (Kate Lyn Sheil).

According to reports, Kyle will again try to make contact with his estranged wife. Although the synopsis is too vague, it somehow revealed that the episode will feature the happy married life of Kyle with Allison.

Also, as already known by those who have read the comics version of the series, Kyle and his wife lived a happy life with their daughter Amber (Chandler Head). But, everything changed when a demon possessed Allison and led her to attacking Amber. Although Kyle was successful in driving the evil spirit away from Allison?s body, the ritual left physical marks and injury on her body.

After the ritual, Kyle?s wife only remembers him striking her which caused them to be apart as Allison filed a restraining order against him. But in the upcoming episode of Outcast, as Kyle tries to reach out to his wife and come out clean, the question would be – can Allison handle the truth? How is she going to handle the possession incident and her hurting their daughter?

Also, another thing needs to be answered is why would Kyle want to reach out to Allison. It seems like there is only one thing that can answer all these questions, and that is to watch the upcoming episode of Outcast titled ?The Road Before Us.? It is going to air Friday, July 8, on Cinemax at 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

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