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Outcast Episode 6 Spoilers: Kyle to Help Rev. Anderson, Darkness to Encompass Episode

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Outcast Episode 6 is just around the corner and based on the promo released for the installment, it seems like darkness has definitely spread in the town of Kyle Barnes. Also, Rev. Anderson is going to be stressed out as he deals with a case in the upcoming episode.

For those who want to always be in the know, here are your Outcast Episode 6 spoilers.

It can be recalled that in Episode 5, Kyle (Patrick Fugit) dealt with his wife Allison Baker (Kate Lyn Sheil). The episode also revealed that the couple separated after Allison got possessed and hurt even their daughter. Now, in the upcoming installment, Kyle will be dealing with another case as Patricia (Melinda McGraw) asks for his help.

According to the synopsis revealed, Kyle is going to lend a hand to Rev. Anderson in solving a case that is stressing the reverend. As a result, Patricia would then seek Kyle?s help. However, it is still not clear as to why Patricia will be asking for the protagonist?s assistance.

Meanwhile, Outcast Episode 6 will also feature Sidney (Brent Spiner) giving a sort of warning to Kyle. However, instead of being a relief, the character would talk about misfortune and death, which would give the upcoming installment of the show a dark mood.
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There you have it, the things to expect in the upcoming episode of the Cinemax series. Outcast Episode 6 is going to air July 15, Friday, on Cinemax at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For synopses of episodes 7 and 8, you may want to check out this report by TheBitbag.

Outcast is an adaptation of Robert Kirkman?s comic series, which featured Paul Azaceta?s illustrations. The story follows the life of Kyle Barnes who has been burdened by a dark and disturbing past since his childhood. Also, Kyle has been haunted by demonic possessions taking control over his loved ones and he has to relive those moments through new exorcism cases he encounters.

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