Outcast Episode 5 Spoilers: Kyle Barnes to Finally Reunite with His Wife?

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Outcast Episode 5 Spoilers

Outcast is getting better and better after every episode. The first season of the hit new show created by Robert Kirkman, the very same guy behind The Walking Dead, has been a huge success. While fans of the exorcism drama are probably looking forward to Outcast Episode 5, they would have to wait a couple of days as the show will be skipping the Fourth of July weekend and instead will be airing Episode 5 on July 8. Still, if you want to find out some awesome Outcast Episode 5 spoilers then you have come to the right place.

Just make sure that you proceed at your own risk as there are some big spoilers about the upcoming episode below.

According to Hall of Fame Mag, Outcast Episode 5 will see Kyle Barnes finally reuniting with his estranged wife Allison. Not much is known about Allison in the first few episodes of the show. Expect that to change in the fifth episode as the official synopsis of the episode states that ?Kyle (Patrick Fugit) presses his estranged wife, Allison (Kate Lyn Sheil), to meet. A suspicious Chief Giles (Reg E. Cathey) shadows his best friend.?

Certainly it will be exciting to see just what Kyle and Allison will be meeting about. From the looks of things, it likely won?t be a just to catch up and reminisce. Movie News Guide mentions that the episode will focus on what happened to Allison and their daughter but as to what exactly it will reveal is still a mystery.

Outcast Season 1 is getting more thrilling after each week and surely Episode 5 is not going to be an exception. Be sure to catch Outcast Episode 5 once it airs next week and find out the answers to the mysteries behind Kyle. Check back here soon to get more Outcast Episode 5 news as well as learn more about other the latest news about your favorite TV shows.

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