?Outcast? Episode 4 Spoilers: Megan Conceals A Secret In ?A Wrath Unseen?

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Darkness is spreading in Outcast Episode 4 titled, ?A Wrath Unseen,? as Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) is surrounded by more demonic possessions within the fictional town of Rome, Virginia. Kyle?s ex-wife, Megan (Wrenn Schmidt), is said to be concealing a secret. What could this secret be?


In the synopsis for Episode 4, it is revealed that ?the intrigue in Rome intensifies as Anderson (Philip Glenister) discovers shocking information about someone close to him. Megan conceals a secret.?

What could Megan?s secret be? Surely, it involves Kyle. In last week?s ?All Alone Now,? we got a stronger focus on Megan?s character with the episode?s slower pacing. The mysterious character, Sidney (Brent Spiner), has been interesting so far with his presence surrounded with much intrigue.

However, the biggest problem with this episode is the ?demon of the week? structuring as A.V. Club points out, which is similar to many procedurals. Barnes and Anderson are like any other duo solving one exorcism case at a time. Though the opening scenes are effectively disturbing and shocking and definitely worked to establish the tone and atmosphere for the episode. But cold opening like these are only truly effective if they are connected to the protagonist of the story as seen in the premiere.

Meanwhile, Outcast has already been commissioned for a second season by co-producers Fox and Cinemax and will definitely be a limited series, Empire writes. Creator Robert Kirkman says that unlike The Walking Dead, he began doing the exorcism series with an idea of how it ends.

Outcast, an adaptation from Kirkman?s Image comic series of the same name illustrated by Paul Azaceta, follows the life of Kyle Barnes who has been burdened by a dark and disturbing past since his childhood. Kyle has been haunted by demonic possessions taking control over his loved ones and he has to relive those moments through the new exorcism cases he encounters.

What do you think about Robert Kirkman?s new exorcism series?

Catch Outcast Episode 4, ?A Wrath Unseen,? Friday, June 24, 10 p.m. ET on Cinemax.

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