?Outcast? Episode 3 Spoilers: Kyle to Face an Unusual Possession?

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Outcast Episode 3 Spoilers

?Outcast? has spent the past two episodes finding more things about its main character, Kyle Barnes. Barnes is introduced as having experienced being possessed several times, starting while he was still in his childhood. He then worked together with Reverend Anderson in order to fight the forces of evil.

?Outcast? Episode 2, entitled ?(I Remember) When She Loved Me? which aired on June 10 ?showed viewers just how twisted the past of the Barnes family really is. Inverse reports that the second episode of the show revealed that it wasn?t just Kyle who was the victim of demonic possession and his mother also suffered the same fate. It then dawned on Kyle that the violence and horrific experience he suffered at the hands of his mother had an explanation.

As fans look forward to Episode 3, many are excited about what they can expect from the show. According to Spoilers Daily, Cinemax has revealed the official description for the third episode which is entitled ?All Alone Now?. The synopsis tells us the ?Kyle and Reverend Anderson confronts an unusual possession? in this episode.

After the episode 2, it remains to be seen if the ?unusual possession? that our two main characters will be facing involves Kyle?s past once more. That scenario is certainly a possibility, given the show?s path over the past two episodes.

Will Kyle find out more about his past and why he has experienced demonic possessions since his childhood? Will we find out more about Reverend Anderson this time around? All we can do is sit tight and wait for ?Outcast? Episode 3 to find out the answers.

?Outcast? is the latest horror-thriller television series from Cinemax and has frightened the whole country the last couple of weeks. American comic book writer Robert Kirkman is one of the people behind the show, who wrote the ?The Walking Dead? comics.

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