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Our review of the Moto G: Phone value with awesome specs

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With the Moto G phone, Google has taken Motorola to a better place in the smartphone market. Essentially, Google took their philosophy of making high-spec smartphones with the right price point even further with Motorola?s latest smartphone. They prioritized the specs that need to be premium and sacrificed the ones that aren?t much needed.

But why believe us? Decide for yourself. Here are the great things about the Moto G:

  • Light and non-bulky

With its 13cm by 6.6 cm dimensions as well as its 143 g weight, it fits in your hand, slides in your pocket and doesn?t need special? techniques in handling. A lot of people have forgotten about the convenience of a phone that can fit in your pocket. Thanks to its curved design, the Moto G phone is even easier to bring around.

  • Can take that accidental drop and is water resistant

Although it?s made of plastic, the way it?s built (curved back with thinner edges) and the special coating Motorola has used makes the phone more resilient than the HTC One Mini or even the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. If you?re looking for something you don?t have to buy a $30 case for, then this phone is the right one for you.

  • Screen size and quality isn?t sacrificed.

The phone boasts a 4.5 inch (barely smaller than the iPhone 5s) HD display with a surprising 329ppi. Essentially, you get a screen that?s the head of its class; surprisingly crisp and sharp.

  • No lag, seamless use and super-fast loading time.

Motorola achieves this marvel through its 1.2GHz Qualcomm quadcore processor and an unskinned version of Android 4.4 KitKat. What does this mean for users? Without the bloatware and a proprietary UI pasted on top of the OS, there?s less to take up the already-robust hardware inside. Your Moto G phone doesn?t have to worry about other things except the commands you want. If you you desire something prettier, there are a lot of launchers and aesthetic services in the Google Play Store.

  • All-day battery.

As long as you aren?t recording video and streaming it the whole day, you can bank on the Moto G phone battery to be reliable for a whole day?s use.


Still, Google had to compromise on some specs; but not too big a compromise at all. The phone still has its downsides.In the end, these are still good functions and features in a phone that costs less than $180:

  • Good?but not great camera

Motorola targeted teenage users for the phone; so they considered that kids prefer passing their photos through filters, effectively dealing with the need for hi-res, DSLR-rivalling photos. If you just plan to use the camera for capturing photos for social media, it does the job just as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • Lack of 4G

They had to cut something out, but it was something that isn?t really necessary. You technically don?t have to get the more expensive LTE plan and can do with just the 3G or local Wi-Fi. This feature (or lack of it) still plays to the price point and target market.


In conclusion, the Moto G phone has unprecedented value for money since it doesn?t cost an arm and a leg for specs and performance that higher-end smartphones offer. It?s a stunningly-designed, smart little? device that knows exactly how to perform in every function without excess.

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