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Loveliest of the Lovely: Our Pick of the Hottest Video Game Babes

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After a long look at many listings, the BitBag has come down with a set of hottest video game babes that have found themselves on almost any babe ranking effort done on the internet. We went through the trouble of finding the creamiest of the cream of the crop so that you won?t have to, anymore.




Good heavens even her name sounds wickedly sweet. This honey from Soul Calibur enters our list with that trademark whip/sword weapon she wields which we are assuming 99% of the men who have crushes on her fail to appreciate. We don?t blame them at all. With a costume like that, she can wield anything she wants.




She doesn?t need hyper-active mitochondria to make you feel hot around her. Our heroine from Parasite Eve enters our crime scene with those lovely curves that look good in either opera dresses or denim jeans. Whether it?s blasting a mutated rat or incinerating a mutated camel, that soul piercing stare of hers will shut you down.




It is impossible to focus on those legs when one plays against a Christie on Tekken; and it?s not because she uses Capoeira style. The female counterpart of Eddie in the Tekken series has fight-danced her way into the hearts fighting-game fans with her outfit that defies the laws of physics. With a chest like that and moves to match, how come it doesn?t fall off




We don?t really care if that tube top is blue or aquamarine or teal. She wears it like a badass. Our Raccoon city STARS member from the Resident Evil series rushes into our list after blowing the heads of the undead while rocking a mini-skirt and boots. We also like her in that old-school STARS uniform. A beret never looked cooler on a woman.




Watch the dial! Are you looking at her or the limit break mechanism? This Final Fantasy VII sweetheart is one third of the love triangle that almost any self-respecting gamer remembers. Since this is a list of the hottest babes in video games, by right of that suspender-skirt and tube top, we are picking her over the rival. Admit it, you would rather watch her do a dolphin kick than have everyone?s limit gauge maxed out.




The only thing better than Tifa?s dolphin kick is that helicopter kick we?ve all come to know and abuse. This staple Street Fighter brings the Asian charm into our mix with that classic double-dumpling hairstyle and that iconic half-finished cheongsam coupled with those spiked wristband/bracelets we are so thankful for.




What list of video game babes would be complete without that famous quadruple-winged succubus? Our Dalkstalkers sweetie leaves little to the imagination which saves us a lot of trouble. What?s not to love about that bustier with that little heart-shaped opening? Let?s not forget about those stockings with the bat imprints on them. These things make her a staple in versus game crossovers as well as a favorite amongst cosplayers.




We already had the hots for her even when she still had polygon curves. Our darling archaeologist from the Tomb Raider series excavates her way into our list with those short shorts which we have some reason to believe started the whole trend in the first place. Wouldn?t you like to go on a trip with that British accent and fashion sense?




Of course we wouldn?t forget bringing in someone from those games that introduced the premise of bouncing boobs while kicking butt. King of Fighters is one of those games and it has graced us with a Mai Shiranui. She brings martial arts, a severe lack of clothing material and distracting accessories into a perfect harmony.


If someone had the money and the time to put all these lovelies in a game with no coherent plot, a terrible script and even worse controls, we would still be first in line at the release.




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