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Otomon Drop Monster Hunter Stories Android And iOS Game: A Smartphone Puzzler Based On ‘Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On’

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There are several types of games that a game franchise can give its consumers. These include role-playing games and turn-based strategy games. Otomon Drop Monster Hunter Stories is giving us a new look of the famous Monster Hunter game.

Monster Hunter is a well-known role-playing, hack-and-slash game that gamers can relate to. But for newbies, this game feels complicated to play compared to others. Now, the game?s developers are branching out the title to our mobile phones and with a simpler gameplay. Otomon Drop Monster Hunter Stories is perfect for?newcomers.

Otomon Drop Monster Hunter Stories is a puzzle game with simple controls that is based on ?Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On.? The game will take you through various fields with puzzle elements that involves matching and connecting similar ?Otomon heads? to attack enemies.

Asides from the basic pairing and combo attacks, there are more advances in store for the players. As you attack your enemies and connect combos, your ?Bond Gauge? increases. You can use this to create ?Bond Attacks? that we have seen in Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On.

The gameplay is similar to other puzzle games such as ?Candy Crush? and ?Bold Moves.? The difference is that players can make their accounts more personalized using their avatars. To keep up with the Monster Hunter feel, players can also buy weapons and armor that they can equip their avatars with. They can also teach monsters and make them powerful allies.

Otomon Drop Monster Hunter Stories?has been released by Capcom for smartphones. It has the feel and the atmosphere of ?Monster Hunter? but is compact and player-friendly. With adorable Otomon figures and vibrant colors, players will soon be addicted to it.

The game will be launched in Japan on November 16 for iOS and Android. Let us all hope that it would be released worldwide in the near future.

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