Other Useful Stuff To Do With Kinect for Windows

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Kinect Hacks (Image Credit Pietro Guedes YouTube)
Kinect Hacks (Image Credit Pietro Guedes YouTube)

Kinect, as it stands right now, even with Kinect 2.0 for Xbox One, is hardly of any great use to ?hardcore? gamers right now, but for the most intrepid of the modders, Kinect can be used to come up with something you?d never expect, and most of these things are cool.

Browsing The Web

One thing that some of the smart people found out is that you can actually use Kinect for navigating the web through Javascript.

A group of MIT people has managed to come up with a way to be able to browse web pages using the Kinect?s sensor with Javascript?s help. As shown in the video above, users can scroll through the tabs, move up and down on the page, click on links, go forward or backwards in the browser, and even zoom and pan. It may not seem to be more accurate than using a mouse, but the group believes that other applications that run on browsers, particularly games, can take advantage of this.

Shadow Puppets

We all know that shadow puppets were a great part of our childhood (especially for those born in the 80s and 90s), and they have been always amusing to every kid. Kinect amplifies this idea in a higher level, thanks to some developers. Imagine where you can do your usual shadow puppet thing, but you don?t just see the shadow of your hand. You also see a bird projected on the wall that directly responds to your hand?s movement. It is a bit far from perfect, especially the accuracy and latency, but it has the potential to open up new possibilities for Kinect and its uses.

Super Mario Bros.

Not exactly ?Useful? for accurately playing the game or any side scrolling game like this one. Not yet at least, but it is useful for having some additional immersion in the game by being the controller yourself (as to how the Kinect sensor is originally marketed anyway). This little hack lets you play Super Mario Bros. by using the Kinect sensor. Kinect interprets your movements to specific button presses that controls the player. Again, don?t expect?to beat the game easily using this method.

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