OSVR Release Date And Specs: New VR Headset Coming Very Soon? Gamers Can?t Wait!

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Another VR headset that is already in the works for quite some time might get a retail release soon.

The Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) headset has been in development for quite some time, which was handled by gaming peripheral company Razer and kickstarted the program last January. Though its first prototype was swamped with issues from uncomfortable headset and a disappointing display, this does not stop them from fixing the flaws.

What makes OSVR different is that instead of planning to dominate the VR scene, the OSVR aims to become more open to other hardware and software companies, similar to what Android did for smartphones, making the OSVR platform open to everyone to build and improve both the hardware and software. The 1.3 version of the OSVR will open its preorder by next month, it will still retain the original IR camera and 5.5 inch 1080p OLED display with improved optics. The lens system has also been rework for users with uneven eyesight.

Its software is also getting an upgrade, a lot of improvements were made for Nvidia Gameworks VR package, and some of this include the Front Rendering Buffering and Context Priority, which lessens the stress on your GPU by reducing its load and the latest drivers for Nvidia graphic cards where the OSVR will be recognized as a headset to make it easier for plug and play usage.

The OSVR will be priced at $299 and preorders will start on October 1st, the first shipments of the unit will arrive later of the same month. This is also the same price with the 1.2 version and $100 more expensive from the first version, but those who have the two older version can upgrade their OSVR by purchasing separate upgrade parts instead, though the parts are not available yet in the OSVR store, but the stocks will be available later this year.

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