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Osiris New Dawn: The Successor of No Man’s Sky and Ark: Survival Evolved

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Osiris New Dawn has the looks of both Ark: Survival Evolved and No Man?s Sky. While the heavily anticipated No Man?s Sky didn?t live up to the hype, Sony?s Game Master criticized Hello Games himself.

Hence, the people were left with an incomplete game. It made the No Man?s Sky fans craving for more content and the feeling of meaningful exploration. For the people who felt like they?ve been scammed or robbed by buying the game, this will definitely fill the gaps.

Osiris: New Dawn is developed by just a two-man team, Fenix Fire. The game is similar to Ark SE and NMS, with the main objective of surviving. Polygon described the game as very similar to the very successful game, Ark: Survival Evolved.

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Osiris New Dawn – Story

Humans finally started their journey into visiting distant planets, forty years in the future. Two groups of people are currently trying to occupy the stars. One of the group is led by the United Nations, while the other group prefers a pirate outlander lifestyle.

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The players will be forced to crash into a deserted planet. The players will start their journey on the planet, learning their way out by hunting for resources. They are required to rebuild their drop ship whilst assembling a base camp and eventually regrouping with their chosen group.

Features of the Game

As Polygon stated, the finished version of the Osiris will include a Marine, Engineer and Scientist classes. The playstyles of the classes will change the gameplay of the game. Players will also be able to arm themselves with different kinds of high-tech gadgets, including laser pistols.

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Unlike the failed indie game, No Man?s Sky, Osiris will let the players build and customize their own vehicles, starships and even their own base. Given at its current state, the game still offers massive variety of customization.

Explanation of The Game by The Developer Himself

The planets in the game are also populated with different kinds of animal species. These animals possess an extraordinary artificial intelligence.

Osiris Osiris

According to McRae in his interview with Polygon, ?If they?re wounded as they?re going along and if the creatures have a line of sight, they actually see the rock and then they know to path find around it and hide.? McRae also added, ?They also know how to flank, just like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park. One of them starts to attack, and the other ones will go around.? (Images in courtesy of Polygon)

Osiris: New Dawn is set to launch an Early Access in steam on September 28. Console owners will have to wait some time in order to try the game themselves.

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