Osiris: New Dawn Officially Releases The “Dawn of Aziel” Update

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Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn had just received a huge update that introduces a massive list of new features and content. The Developer Fenix Fire Entertainment has now officially launched the Dawn of Aziel update that would interest the survival MMO players even more.

Osiris: New Dawn ?Dawn of Aziel? Update

The new features and contents included in the update are as follows.

  • A new world called Aziel – Players can travel across the frozen moon of Aziel, which is three times the size of Proteus II. In addition, players will get to discover new alien creatures, as well as resources.
  • Skill and Proficiency Tree System – Players will get to level their characters, as well as spend the earned points that suit their playstyle. Players can choose from Engineering, Combat, and Mining.
  • Additional craftable weapons – Four deadly close-range weapons and the deadly Heavy Assault Rifle have been added.
  • Landmines – Players can now use deadly ground explosives at their disposal for base defense or ambushing.


Osiris: New Dawn

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  • A new base structure called Biodome – Biodome is an enclosed ecosystem structure. It?has the ability to grow plants to provide food and medicines.
  • New functioning habitat furniture – using this furniture would grant the players advanced buffs toward endurance and speed that would be useful for any mission.
  • New outdoor utilities called Chemistry Lab and 3D Printer – Players will now be able to craft equipment and other advanced materials without building the Hab
  • Booster Stimulants – New biochemicals that would boost the player?s strength, speed, stamina, and more.
  • Additional mineral resources – New minerals including rare Azurnium have been added.
  • Osiris Armored Mech Unit – A fully craftable vehicle which also happens to be the most powerful vehicle. It has lethal weapons in its arsenal that can be unleashed upon enemies.
  • Spaceship inventory – Spaceship can now carry equipment and supplies between planets.

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  • World events which occur at random – Events such as radiation storms, downed satellites and meteor shower can now occur. This is pretty similar to Fallout 4?s weather system that cycles throughout the day.

Play Osiris: New Dawn Now!

The game is currently out now on Steam Early Access with the price tag of $19.99. However, it is important to realize that the game shares a lot of similarities to the game No Man?s Sky. Nevertheless, Osiris: New Dawn is something that would live up to the player?s expectation.

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