Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers: Important Characters Return, Will the Clones Have a Happy Ending?

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Orphan Black Season 4 episode 9 featured the return of important characters.
Orphan Black Season 4 episode 9 featured the return of important characters.

Orphan Black is one episode away from its finale this season. Things seem to be looking good for the clones so far though, with the recent events from Orphan Black Season 4 episode 9. The sisters were finally able to exact revenge on Evie Cho, while important characters made a comeback.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Orphan Black Season 4 episode 9 was a nice turnaround for the Leda clones, after the catastrophic events in recent episodes. In episode 8, Cosima and Sarah tried to get in touch with Susan Duncan through the help of MK, and together, they worked on a plan to bring Evie Cho down. Though it seems like an unlikely alliance as Sarah and others hate Rachel, they all managed to set their differences aside and unite against their common enemy. [Spoilers Alert!]

In episode 9, Sarah and Rachel tried to track down Brightborn clients whose babies had defects. It was revealed that Brightborn has been silencing its clients whose babies had birth defects. Such babies were also euthanized. Apparently, there?s a video footage of the collateral damage Brightborn had caused, and Sarah and Rachel planned to use it against Evie.

However, Rachel appeared to have a scheme of her own. Before Brightborn?s press conference, she corners Evie and threatens to release the video to the public in exchange for a position in?Neolution. While it may seem typical for Rachel to double-cross her own clones, she actually turned out to be the hero in Orphan Black Season 4 episode 9. She managed to record her conversation with Evie, who unknowingly admitted the birth defects and euthanized babies. The whole conversation was revealed to the journalists on site, who were supposed to cover the scheduled press conference.

While Evie seems out of the way for now, Donnie and Alison were still having troubles of their own. Someone from Neolution attacked them, but Helena arrived just in time to save them once again.

Meanwhile, another character?s comeback was featured in the recent episode as well. Vulture reports that Rachel had a vision of Delphine writing in the cabin, which confirms that she is indeed still alive. It was also said that Delphine may be the one causing Rachel?s visions through her mechanical eye.

While everything seems well for the sisters for now, the Orphan Black Season 4 finale episode next week is sure to shock viewers still. For sure, Evie will be back to fight the clones in one way or another. Jessalyn Wanlim, who plays the villain character, recently teased about the finale. ?Evie?s full of rage and ready to prove everybody wrong,? Wanlim teases. ?I think there?s going to be some resolution, but I?m not going to say on whose end!?

Orphan Black airs every Thursday night on BBC America.

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