Organize school papers at home creatively and conveniently

When everything is organized, you can be more productive.

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Store all your school papers in one place with Mead:

  • Functional and adorable binders and folders
  • Organize school and office papers easily
  • Secure important documents
  • Keep the working or study area neat 
  • Encourage productivity

With tons of school and office work between everyone in the family, it’s practically unavoidable to have a pile of papers in your home. Organizing them can be a difficult task, though. What makes it even more complicated is looking for important documents which may be stuck in your kid’s book or notebook. Instead of keeping your papers in your drawer or in a box, store them in these cute binders and folders from Mead instead.

You can choose designs that suit the style or theme of your home – they have options from minimalist to retro designs. They’re easy to keep in drawers or shelves, as well, so you can save on space. You can even let your kids bring them to school.

The Mead Zipper Binder with Expanding File is perfect for organizing handouts, reviewers, loose sheets, and other documents. It’s made from durable fabric materials that prevent the paper from crumpling, folding, and getting dirty. 

It also has a zipper closure to secure papers when on the go. You can store up to 300 sheets in it using its ring function. For additional papers, you can store them neatly in the five-tab expanding file. The multi-functional interior and exterior pockets are ideal for quick and easy storage of pens, pencils, paper clips, and other supplies. 

For homework, reports, or syllabi, the Mead Modern Chic 2-Pocket Paper Folder would be a great help at keeping them in place. It has a three-hole punch if you want to add some school binders.

The glossy exteriors of natural stone design with gold foil accents add glam, as well, making it suitable for the style of a lot of students. You can choose from three different designs: stripes, geo, and triangle. It can hold 8.5 x 11″ sheets of paper, including notes and small papers.

Mead also offers trapper keepers, filler papers, business and school notebooks, planners, and calendars to help organize school or office supplies anywhere.