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Organize Photos in Your Smartphone Using Tidy

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Is it a hassle for you to organize photos on your smartphone? Does everything look like a mess for you?

Here is some good news for you then. There is now an app which can organize all your photos for you with just a swipe. This new application is called?Tidy.?Tidy will help you better organize your photos by grouping them into albums. These albums can be sorted by time, distance or even by “shapes.” By shapes, we mean landscape, portrait, screenshot or panorama images.

The app offers an interface that lets you access your photo library, choose the photos to be organized and separate them. For example, tapping on the ‘time’ filter pulls out photos grouped by hours, days, weeks, months or by year. However, if you tap the location filter, it will allow you to arrange your photos by the distance they were taken away from you (that is if you have enabled Geo-Tagging). The app does not do the groupings automatically; it still needs you to decide which settings and filter to choose.

Tidy uses photos? metadata to make these groupings at first. If you still think it is disorganized, you can further swipe on an individual group and turn it into an album that can be further customized.?You can also swipe left to archive the photos in an individual group.? In short, you can edit and organize an album within an album until you have sorted all that needs to be sorted.??You can also move a picture to a different album and just like in Facebook, choose which photo should lead the album. Furthermore, you can copy photos, or assign them to a contact.


The albums can be 3 or 4 columns wide. You can also designate a ?collage? style for your albums which would be a better option in terms of the “total look.” But Tidy’s features does not end with simply organizing the photos. Once the album is created, you can favorite photos, add memos, or share individual photos via email, SMS or text messages and social media. You can simply share it whenever and wherever.

To make it better, Tidy will add themes, an album backup and sync service, and support for collaborative albums in future releases. Probably, some of these features will be premium upgrades.

Tidy was released by?Covworks, a web and app development company from South Korea which has already created a lot of mobile apps for photo manipulation and management.


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