Order cookie bouquets for delivery as alternatives to flower bouquets

Let them feel your love in every bite!

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Make unforgettable and touching surprises with Cookies by Design:

  • Freshly baked, handcrafted, and delicious cookie bouquets
  • Serve as great alternatives to flower bouquets or roses
  • Offer a unique and sweet way to send uplifting messages
  • Perfect for all occasions 

Traditionally, flower bouquets are popular gifts for any occasion, particularly for dates or Valentine’s Day. They are thoughtful and pretty, making them the ideal last-minute gift for your loved ones or a special someone. You can also buy them conveniently at malls or shops.

However, there are times when you may want to shake things up a bit and surprise someone with something unique. Cookies by Design has a sweeter alternative to flower bouquets that are sure to make your loved ones happy! 

These adorable and delectable cookie bouquets are perfect for all occasions and ages. They’re freshly baked and handcrafted with love and care and you can even personalize your message cookie for free or create a fully customized design specially for your loved ones. That way, you can send sweet messages and express your love in the cutest way.

You can have them delivered straight to your loved ones, too. Cookies by Design offers next-day and same-day delivery on certain designs so you can surprise your loved ones on their birthday or anytime you just want to cheer them up. 

There are specific cookie bouquet themes and designs for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and speedy recovery. The number of cookies in a bouquet depends on the size: small, medium, and large. You may also choose between included and premium containers. 

Cookies by Design also offers Cookie Baskets and Cookie Boutrays that you can bring to parties, family gatherings, and other special occasions.