Orange Is the New Black’s Dascha Polanco on Self-Love: Creating Her Own Brand after Designers Refused to Work with Her

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Orange Is the New Black’s Dascha Polanco recently shared her sentiment, saying designers do not show a lot of interest to dress her due to her size. It was stated that Polanco had experienced this during various events.

Polanco admitted that dressing up is a struggle for her. She said it is difficult to locate the best designer clothing for events simply because her body is not the type that most designers would prefer. According to her, she has some friends in the industry who would honestly tell her that the designers do not have clothes that fit her size. She was advised that she would either move that way or try to build relationships. Polanco even revealed that she once reached out to a designer that she sincerely admired only to be taken for granted.

The actress said she had personally spent so much money buying items from a high-end brand. But when her publicist reached out to their team, they said they do not have her size and perhaps they will have one in the future. Polanco said that it was really disappointing and assured that she will never wear their designs again.

Instead, she said she will try to work with emerging designers who are willing to collaborate with her. She said she would rather work with people who like her curves and who would accept them as much as she does.

Polanco gave some good advice to women, saying women should continuously find a way to boost themselves. She said whenever someone looks at herself in the mirror, she needs to see her image as fabulous and beautiful. She also revealed that now that she is getting order, she?s starting to build that confidence.

Finally, Polanco revealed that she wants to design something that’s between plus and between sample sizes. She said she wants to make a brand that will cater to the needs of all women.

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