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Orange is the New Black Season 5: Who Will Kill Piper?

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The previous season of Orange is the New Black ended with the death of Poussey. The demise of Samira Wiley?s character surely left fans shocked and broken-hearted. Many could not help but ask why Poussey had to die. Now that the beloved character is gone, it is speculated that Orange is the New Black Season 5 will see another death. Rumor has it that Piper, a role played by Taylor Schilling, is the next character to die in the upcoming season.

If the rumors are true, the death of Piper will surely be another heartbreaking event for several fans. The character is one of the main protagonists on the show and it is just too devastating to see her die. But how is she going to die?

In Orange is the New Black Season 4, the character had created enemies for herself. It is most likely that one of her enemies will kill her when the series returns. Some of her enemies are the Latina members of Litchfield. It seems that all of them want a chance to off her.

It is speculated that it is Maria who will kill Piper. The former has already warned her during their encounter in the kitchen. Maria branded her hand with a swastika.

Taylor Schilling on Piper?s Fate

When asked if her character will make it out okay, Schilling said she doesn?t know. It seems the actress was being very careful not to spoil anything from Orange is the New Black Season 5.

Before season 4 ended, viewers have witnessed a prison uprising. Some fans assumed that Piper will die in the melee. Spoilers claim that the particular event might be the opening scene for Orange is the New Black Season 5. If that is the case, viewers should prepare themselves by now to see Piper die.

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