Orange is the New Black Season 5: Daya to be the Star of the Show, May Kill the Prison Guards to Avenge Poussey?

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Will Orange is the New Black Season 5 feature Daya as the new star of the show?
Will Orange is the New Black Season 5 feature Daya as the new star of the show?

The Season 4 of Orange is?the New Black (OITNB) debuted just last month on Netflix, but various rumors are now circulating about the show?s fifth season. According to reports, fans speculate that Daya may take center stage in Orange is the New Black Season 5. The character is said to be suffering from post-partum depression, and she may just have pulled the trigger in last season?s cliffhanger ending due to pressure and also as a way to avenge Poussey. Dascha Polanco, the actress who plays the character, also recently dished some details about Daya.

OITNB fans know that Season 4 ended with Daya pointing a gun at Humphrey, one of the prison guards. It came as a surprise to many, since she?s among the usually reasonable ones in the show. While fans debate whether or not she?ll actually shoot the guard, Polanco, who plays Daya, believes that the character could pull the trigger.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Polanco stated that while she doesn?t know the show?s plans yet for her character, she believes Daya will kill Humphrey. The actress said that Daya is suffering from post-partum disorder, which could lead her to do such an irrational thing. Besides, the character reportedly doesn?t seem to have anything to lose anymore, now that her baby has been separated from her and Bennett abandoned her and her child.

Reports also state that Daya is under pressure from Maria and dealing with the tragic loss of Poussey, so she may indeed opt to kill the prison guards in Orange is the New Black Season 5. Meanwhile, others believe that she won?t do such a rash move because she may further lose her child if she kills the guards.

Will Daya come to her senses or will she continue to be influenced by Maria? Orange is the New Black Season 5 may premiere on its usual schedule of the year, which is June.


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