Orange Is The New Black Season 4 Updates: Poussey?s Death Has A Deeper Meaning; A Revelation Of True Racism?

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Orange is the New Black Season 4 has gained so much attention lately and has drawn a lot of criticism from the audience watching. Haven?t watched the said show? Here?s a bit of recap:

It should be remembered that everyone was caught off guard when Poussey, portrayed by Samira Wiley, was killed in the show. She was choked to death by CO Bayley as the latter attempted to restrain her. However, the way the twelfth episode of the season treats the victim and the suspect seems to be unjustifiable as it is leaning toward the side of Bayley.

This did not suit well for the viewers. They did not get why the show seems to be giving more sympathy to the killer. It should be noted that Poussey is seen as the one who brings balance to every scene in the show. She was described as refreshing due to her goodness and being sincere as opposed to the usual characteristics of the other characters.
Poussey is also notable for her intelligence, which put her apart from the other people in the show. These characteristics are what made her death unacceptable to many.

However, some analysts got the real intention of the story written by the people of Jenji Kohan, the showrunner of Orange is the New Black Season 4. According to them, the story behind Poussey?s death is a portrayal of the murder of Eric Garner. Garner was an unarmed man who was killed by police for selling cigarettes. The case led to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

If theories are to be believed, the death of the Poussey served as an alarm for many about widespread racism, along with the reality in prison and police abuse of power.

Meanwhile, Wiley revealed that during the filming of the scene everyone was very supportive of her. She considered this as a sendoff party given that all cast and crew members were present on the set. This is despite the tragic ending for her character.

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