‘Orange Is The New Black’ Premiere Air Date, Spoilers

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Orange is the New Black
Orange is the New Black

The fourth season of the Orange Is The New Black is upon us with Netflix set to release the entire 13 episodes on June 17, 2016. The women prisoners of Litchfield Penitentiary will be bringing back all the fun and drama when the show debuts at 3 a.m. Eastern time and midnight Pacific time on Friday. Click here to watch the new season once it begins on Netflix.

After Orange Is The New Black Season 3?s happy ending with inmates of the prison enjoying freedom at the nearby lake when a construction crew forgot to secure the fence, things will be getting far more darker and crazier in the new season.

“We start with political agendas, the corporatization of the prison, the stratification of people into their little mosaic groups,? said showrunner Jenji Kohan at the 2016 Winter TCA Press Tour. ?We want it to be a surprise, but [you can expect] all the fun stuff like race and hate and some things from current events that we wanted to filter through our lens.”

In the first of this season?s 13 episodes, Litchfield gets an influx of new inmates, one of many consequences of the formerly federal institution being sold to the private outfit, Management & Correction Corporation (MCC). Tensions between inmates and prison guards will now be higher with new conflicts emerging in the overpopulated prison. With a number of new correctional officers joining the Litchfield facility, things will get pretty serious as another new CO, a large and fierce man named Desi Piscatella (Brad William Henke), arrives to only frighten both his fellow officers and inmates.

Here?s a look at some of the new characters joining Orange Is The New Black:

Desi Piscatella

The new captain of the guards is quite a big and heavy man and is damn serious about the prison rules. He will not tolerate prisoners speaking back to him. As the trailer revealed, he has pretty much caused Red to lose her cool.

Judy King

This celebrity chef and lifestyle guru who was sentenced to Litchfield for tax fraud in last season?s finale is quite a calculating villain under her disarming Southern drawl, according to NYDailyNews. Poussey and many of the other prisoners are star-struck by Judy King in Season 4.

Pidge, Ouija & Zirconia

Newcomers Pidge, Ouija and Zirconia are the latest to join the Latinas group and after the racial demographic of the prison tips in their favor, they end up stirring more violence and drama with some of the white inmates. And of course, with Piper now essentially declaring herself as the prison gangster, she will be in the crosshairs of the trio.


Piper?s new Hawaiian roommate is tough and tough talking so Piper end up hiring her as her personal Secret Service agent/body guard when she feels threatened, although her hired muscle will only go so far to protect her.

Alison Abdullah

Alison Abdullah, who is a burka clad muslim woman, apparently becomes the new roommate of Black Cindy, who recently converted to Judaism. Things apparently spiral out of control over their religious tensions.

Check out below the episode list of the Orange Is The New Black Season 4:

1. Work That Body For Me

2. Powersuit

3. Don?t Say Anything

4. Doctor Psycho

5. We?ll Always Have Baltimore

6. Piece of Shit

7. It Sounded Nicer In My Head

8. Friends In Low Places

9. Turn Table Turn

10. Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull

11. People Persons

12. The Animals

13. Toast Can?t Ever Be Bread Again

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