Orange Manga Gets 2-Part Spinoff Featuring Future Suwa; [WARNING] Spoilers Ahead!

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Orange by Takano Ichigo

This coming October, expect the first part of the Orange manga spinoff to arrive. According to reports, the spinoff entitled ?Orange – Suwa Hiroto? focuses on Naho and Suwa?s lives in a time when Kakeru has already passed away.

Announced by Futabasha?s Monthly Action Magazine, the first part of the spinoff will be available starting October 25, 2016. This is not the first time the Orange manga received a spinoff. In February, a one-shot manga ran on the magazine, just before artist Matsupon initiated a gag manga based on Orange entitled ?Sorigerisu.?

Orange tells the story of a female student named ?Takamiya Naho.? When Naho received a letter from her future self, it warned of new comer Naruse Kakeru. The letter also asks Naho to keep her eye on the newcomer, but without further explanation why. Naho, despite the many questions that clouded her mind, heeded the letters advise. Now, she must work on discovering the true meaning of the letter and realize the role of Kekaru in her life.

The Orange manga has inspired a live-action film that was shown on December 2015, as well as a television anime in July. Meanwhile, the Orange TV anime series ended on Monday. However, the series didn?t end without giving a teaser on the upcoming new theatrical anime film. The ending of the series revealed that the theatrical film has been greenlit and will soon proceed to launch.

Orange Manga

Orange live action drama

Orange-Mirai (Orange: Future), the title of the new theatrical anime film, will play a two-week airing in Japan, starting November 18.?

The announcement was presented as:


  • Voice: Since that day, I wanted to see those two’s future…”
  • Text: Presenting to all Orange fans
  • Text: A new previously unknown story
  • Text: A new episode written by creator Ichigo Takano
  • Text: Weaving together notable scenes of the TV anime once more
  • Text: The miracle brought forth by the letter continues
  • Text: Orange: Future
  • Text: Friday, November 18
  • Text: 2-Week Limited Engagement
  • Text: Opens in Theaters Nationwide


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