Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Spoilers: Lolly Will Be Back? Poussey?s Death Will Give A New Twist To The Show?

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?Orange Is The New Black? season 5 is getting ready to hit the television screen. Fans are looking for the answers to questions which were unanswered in the previous season.

It will be wonderful if Poussey gets enough recognition in the next season. According to E! Online, in the fourth season viewers got to see Poussey’s ?death. ?Taystee, Black Cindy received gifts since they planned a memorial for Poussey. Caputo refused to punish Bayley for ?Poussey?s death. In between this high drama, Poussey’s death was ignored. At least in the next season, Poussey?s name must be honored.

Daya?s mom Almeida saw Caputo speaking about Poussey?s death with ?inappropriate manner. We do not know what will be her next move.

Alan Aisenberg who has played the character ?Bayley? has spoken ?about his character. “I was so convinced that 95 percent of what I was going to get was going to be negative, and I’d say it’s about five to 10 percent. He made a mistake and I?m really conflicted, but I feel for him. There?s a very small percentage of people who are not understanding the complexity of the situation and are blaming him specifically,” Aisenberg told Hollywood Reporter.

Bustle has speculated that Matt McGorry will be reprising his role John Bennett. Fans have not seen him on screen since the Season 3 of ?Orange Is The New Black?. ?Daya’s mother will try hard to bring Armaria out of the foster care system.

iDigital Times says that ?it?s unclear whether Lolly will return to Orange Is The New Black or not. In fact, she did not kill the guard. The truth behind guard?s death may come out in the next season. Fans will be excited if Lolly returns to the show.

The first episode of ?Orange is the New Black? Season 5 is likely to be aired in June 2017.

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