Orange Is The New Black Season 4 Update: Caitlyn Jenner Not To Be A Part Of The Show Is Now Final

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Netflix?s series, Orange is the New Black, has just released Season 3, but OITNB fans are already impatient for Orange is the New Black Season 4. What will Orange Is The New Black Season 4 bring? As of now, what we know is that the Orange is the New Black character of Laura Prepon, Alex Vause, will be returning in Season 4, and that Britney Spears might join on board.

Inquistr?reports that Orange Is The New Black Season 3 ended with Alex Vause facing danger at the hands of Kubra?s men, with one of her old colleagues sneaking in Litchfield and confronting her. So, one of the big questions this coming season of Orange Is The New Black is ?will Alex survive this confrontation??

According to Christian Post, earlier this month, it was heard on the streets that the celebrity formerly known as Bruce Jenner would make a cameo appearance in the Emmy-nominated jail bird drama.

The ex-Olympian is reportedly being rooted to take on the role of a love interest for Sophia (Laverne Cox), who, like Jenner, is also a transgender in real life. Speculations were widespread saying that the latter will likely to be a shoulder to cry on for Sophia who got bullied a lot and was abandoned by her pals in prison.

Screen Rant?reports that filming for Orange is the New Black season four is already underway, and attention is turning to rumors surrounding possible cameo appearances. One such bit of speculation has pegged one of the most talked about stars in the media ? namely Caitlyn Jenner ? as having lined herself up for a role. However, Netflix denied the same and stated, ?It isn?t true.?

There is some new casting that we can be sure of. Netflix has announced the casting of three new male characters; Brad William Henke (Pacific Rim), and Mike Houston (The Drop) will be playing new prison guards, while Kelly Karbacz (Get Smart) will take on the role of an admin officer at Litchfield. Another rumor floating around is that OITNB season 4 will finally see Crazy Eyes/Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) entering into a relationship.

Orange is the New Black Season 4 is slated to return to Netflix in June 2016.

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