?Orange Is The New Black Season 4? Spoilers: Alex ?Definitely? Alive, Possible Suzanne Back Story Revealed, And Piper Finally Out Of Prison?

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Season 3 of ?Orange is the New Black? has left fans hanging in the air with some questions about their favorite inmates. Although the latest season came out with an outstanding ending, there are still some tiny matters that need some remedy and an itch that needs some scratching. Season 4 of ?Orange is the New Black? will definitely be a season to look out for.

More Inmates

Litchfield penitentiary has welcomed rather strange kind of women during the course of three years with the last episode of the latest season receiving some new ?guests.? And according to Ecumenical News, the prisoners of Litchfield will welcome faces from Dominican descent per the announcement that Lionsgate have announced which expressed an interest for Dominican-type females for the series.

And with the greeting of fresh inmates come the return of the old ones. Apparently, fans will see more of Carrie ?Big Boo? Black, played by Lea DeLaria and Marisol ?Flaca? Gonzales, played by Jackie Cruz, posted by Ecumenical News. So watch out for a different kind of crazy in the next season.

Piper Out of Prison?

Piper outside of prison for a short time was a good watch, so maybe there?s a good chance that the next season will take Piper through another journey outside the bars. Maybe there?s also a chance that we could see outside of prison a tormented Piper because of a deal with Kubra, according to Movie Pilot. We?ll just have to wait and see in the next season.

Alex Vaun and Kubra

The untimely event of ?Orange is the New Black? where Alex Vause seems to have died is a question that really needs an answering to. If Kubra?s henchmen have really killed Alex when they sneaked through the Litchfield screening process, then they better have a good reason on Season 4, shared by Movie Pilot. But as far as Laura Prepon is concerned, series regulars are returning, meaning Alex is returning, hopefully.

Bennett goes back?

Bennett driving off to nowhere never to be seen again is a cruel thing to do, especially to the beloved fans. But speculations are that he?s crossed the border to Canada to maybe form an identity where he can adopt the baby out of Cesar?s reach, posted by Movie Pilot. There?s no harm in dreaming right?

With Orange is the New Black, the way they humanize their characters is a trait that makes people tune in to the series, shared by Movie Pilot. And for the fans of Suzanne, you may expect a little more flashback from Crazy Eyes. The interesting story of Suzanne may definitely be a story to watch out for. Season 4 of ?Orange is the new Black? is going to be one heck of a ride so expect some twists and turns that will keep you hanging on the edge of your seats.

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