Orange Episode 13 Spoilers: No Happy Ending for Kakeru and Naho?

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Orange Episode 13 Spoilers

The box of tissues beside you was probably not enough to see episode 12 til the end. We finally get to dive in on what?s going on in the world of Kakeru Naruse. However, it is as devastating as it can be, leaving us with heartaches and tears. Here is an episode 12 review and Orange episode 13 spoilers.

The whole episode is a rewind of the story from Kakeru?s point of view. It is from the original timeline when Naho and the rest of the group were still unaware of what happens to the future. We see how Kakeru suffers, mainly thinking that it was his fault why his mother committed suicide. A series of unfortunate events happens to him, from that point on, because of the pain he was trying to endure alone.

Depression and anxiety consumed Kakeru to the point of isolating himself, further drowning himself in sorrow. Episode 12 allows us to understand where Kakeru is coming from and from there we can sense the impending tragedy that will (hopefully not) unfold in Orange episode 13.

Kakeru?s mother was portrayed as being very selfish and unreasonable, perhaps borderline crazy. Her death was her greatest act of selfishness to torment Kakeru.. Or so he thought.

Episode 12?s highly climatic revelation is when Kakeru finds his mother?s phone and discovers a draft reply she was about to send him, before taking her own life. Kakeru learns that his mother had the purest intentions for acting the way she did – leaving his father because he was abusive, throwing away his soccer gear because Kakeru was being bullied, and lastly, the day of her death, she felt she was in the way of Kakeru?s happiness. Kakeru?s mother wasn?t selfish, she was always thinking about Kakeru?s happiness. Unfortunately, reading this worsens the pain in Kakeru?s heart to an upsetting extent.

Meanwhile, back in the current timeline, where the group learns about the tragedy that awaits Kakeru, Naho tries her best to make amends with Kakeru. However, nothing gets through him. ?He seems to have decided to keep his true feelings bottled up inside him. The group from the future discuss a way to change the past, but despite the changes and alteration they attempted to avoid Kakeru?s death, Kakeru?s fate seems to remain the same.

In the Orange episode 13, expect Naho and the rest of their group to do whatever it takes to save Kakeru.

Can they really change the past? Will Orange end with a happy ending?

Orange Episode 13 Spoilers


The manga ended with the group preventing Kakeru?s death. As for the happy ending, the manga did not give its readers full closure – Kakeru lives on but the new past did not merge with the current future. It was left as something in a parallel universe, Kakeru gets the happy ending he wanted? or was it an ending that his friends wanted? The last page did not show what the future Naho and Kakeru looked like, although, the feeling that you can imagine is it will be 100% present.

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